Hello, I’m Stephen Peasley.

Born & raised in Saskatchewan, I relocated to Calgary in 2008. I had surgery to remove a 4.2cm brain tumour in 2013.

By day, I’m a web developer. By night, I’m an improvisor with The Kinkonauts and Dirty Laundry.

Currently in self-isolation but finding lots to do.

Some things I’ve worked on
Screenshots of LUCI app

LUCI™ uses near-infrared sensors to map a driver’s eyes to measure fatigue risk in real time.

Vue.js + design + UI + UX API: Tim Martin Core: Bob Herman
Screenshots of alfredhitchcock.com
Sir Alfred Hitchcock

It was an honour to build the official website for the estate of Sir Alfred Hitchcock alongside some of my favourite colleagues. Hitch loved my sense of humour.

CouchCMS + HTML + CSS Designer: Dan Parry Writer: Anders J. Svensson
Screenshots of thisisnew.com
This Is New

An Uppercut initiative, This Is New was a website for independent creators of films, books, music, apps and whatever else to promote their thing to reach new audiences.

Tech lead + RoR + Foundation + Heroku Designer: Dan Parry Project Lead: Anders J. Svensson
Screenshots of Stampedisms

A fun Uppercut project to help guide newbies through their first Stampede experience. It went viral locally… and Stampede tweeted about it.

HTML + CSS + JavaScript Designer: Jonathan Wood Writer: Anders J. Svensson
Screenshots of Supergroups

I built this fun little game with my own favourite supergroup. Assemble the pop-culture supergroups, from The A-Team to ZZ Top and win the admiration of your hip peers.

HTML + CSS + JavaScript Designer: Dan Parry Writer: Anders J. Svensson
Screenshots of Corbis Storied
Corbis: Storied

Storied celebrated Corbis’ most interesting historical images, and featured interviews with dignitaries such as Bill Gates, Buzz Aldrin and Fran Lebowitz.

Flash + XML + flux capacitor Designer: Justin LaFontaine Writer: Narissa Tadros
  • © Stephen Peasley
Canada Goose” by Fyn Kynd, used under CC BY